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Vietnam 1959 - 1975 - America’s Longest and Bloodiest War
Helpful Hints
Metallic Finishes Most metalic paints look like paint.  Floquil Platinum Mist is one that looks least like brushed or sprayed paint.  It is smooth dull silver with only a slight sheen and no out of scale metallic particles.  It can be made to look even better by burnishing it.  Once it has dried hard (72 hours), it can be burnished with a jewelers fine soft motor brush at low speed to moderate speed.  This polishes by friction heat.  This will provide an even finish to the entire rotor assembly.  Stay away from small parts and edges.  The force from the rotary will break or damage them.  You will see the parts taking on an even finish.  Move the tool constantly.  Do not let it stay still.  If you don’t want the finish as bright as this, coat the Platinum Mist with diluted black acrylic.  Be careful not to let the bead up drops set.  Constantly move your paint brush over the surface so the black coat will be as even as possible.  Let it dry and burnish it with the motor tool.  The more black that is on it, the darker the finish will be.  As the black is burnished it will begin to take on a look of iron.  The exhaust was done the same way but with Floquil Brass and a light coat of medium brown.  With either one you will have a smooth as glass finish.  Now, paint a light coat of clear flat over the entire assembly.  The clear coat serves as a barrier between the Sepia oil paint that is now used to accentuate the recesses and details.  The Sepia can be feathered from the deepest recess out.  Jewelers natural hair brushes cost between 15.00 and 35.00.  The pictures illustrate the results and the materials you will need.  Try it on some scrap, you’ll see some great results.
Panel Lines Panel lines, such as the ones on this Academy kit, are very fine, but still out of scale.  They are too deep and too wide, some are almost an imbedded “V” shape.  Whether you use a thinned acrylic wash or an oil wash of thinner and oil tint, which is thinner then water, the effect can still end up out of scale.  From a distance the lines are ok, but as you get closer they begin to appear out of scale.  On the picture to the right the panel lines are accentuated with- out actually touching the line itself.  This model, like the D, were finished with a coat of straight, brushed on Dorlands Wax.  In places, a pin head amount of Sepia was used in the wax for a tint.  Do not use Sepia Extra on any part except the area around the exhaust.  The bolt and rivet detail around the panel lines was brushed with Dorlands and Sepia.  It was removed from the top of the bolts and rivets by running a finger lightly across them, which highlighted them at the same time, leaving the darkened finish around them.  The lines themselves cast their own shadow regardless of what type of light you are in.  You don’t have to finish each individual panel.  The Dorlands Wax also provides an excellent base for powdered pastels.  Once they are applied over the wax, they will not wear off or fade.  The pictures show the materials you will need to do this, available through online art supply sites.
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Grass Mat The best grass matt and clump material is made by Greenline.  Unlike most other brands, it has a thin flexible back and very thin fibers.  The other brands are thick and heavy with the base of the grass glued into a a weave that is too firm and inflexible.  The flexibility of the Greenline product enables it to be slightly pushed together during the gluing process.  Then a rounded toothpick can be used to “weave” the edges together, making it look like one continuous plain of grass.  This can be seen in the pictures on the right. Also shown are the materials necessay to make the grass look like the grass in these pictures.
Floquil Platinum Mist, Sepia, Jewelers Brushes Sepia Dirty Black Tint, High Transparency - Right Opposite Side View Dorlands Wax, Types of Brushes, Sepia Tints Full View From Rear Lines Show The Same At Any Angle Panel Line View And Exhaust Area Shown Grass Side Up + Glue Underside on Patch Type Closeup Of Top Side And Glue Side Very Flexible With Fine Multi-Direction Fibers