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Vietnam 1959 - 1975 - America’s Longest and Bloodiest War
Information About This Site
The purpose of this website is to display dioramas created by us. All the Vietnam dioramas are in 1/35th scale and made to the highest standard, using only the best materials. They are created to make you feel as if you were standing there.  Each diorama will have it’s own page, showing as many photographs as possible.  Some, like “Run” will have their own publications, while others will have PDF files available. There is a “Gallery” page for other peoples work.  If you have a Vietnam diorama, single armor model, heli, airplane or figure, please contact us for the requirments.
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Shows We Attend
“RUN” On Exhibit
Shown with Honors Box, Flags, Spike Board Booby Trap Shown Booby Traps, Bullet Trap, Can Grenade/Mine View of Diorama "RUN" Resin Model of M16 1:1 Scale Grenade Trap - Supporting Display
PatCon, Hudson, MA - 2016
PatCon, Hudson MA - IPMS September GraniteCon, Nashua NH - IPMS October Military Miniature Society of Illinois - October Long Island Historical Miniature Society NY - November Atlanta Model Soldier Society - February ValleyCon, Chicopee MA - IPMS March Long Island Scale Models, Bethpage NY - IPMS April AMPS Armorcon, Danbury, CT - September Northeast Military Modelers Association MFCA - Valley Forge PA - May
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“Never Forget”
MMSI, Chicago, IL - 2016
Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5
LIHMCS, Freeport, NY - 2016
Atlanta Model Soldier Society, Atlanta, GA - 2017
Atlanta Model Soldier Society, Atlanta, GA - 2018
Memorial Day
Veterans Day
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